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Gospel Advertising.com is your source for gospel tracts, books, and literature for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Written by Holiness minister Lawrence A. Riley, of Fort Payne, Alabama, you will find his books and tracts intriguing and thought provoking to sinners and saints alike.  All literature is available by mail order by using the "Click Here To Order" link and printing out the mail order form.  Simply mail it in with a check/money order to the address provided, and they will be promptly shipped back to you. 

Spirtual War Behind Prison Bars
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In His Book Spiritual War behind Prison Bars:

What the Battle of Life Is Really All About, L. A. Riley presents a powerful account of his personal and spiritual growth that allowed him to overcome his personal problems and survive, despite a hard life that included many years of imprisonment.

He constantly felt Satanís presence, and that of numerous tormenting demons, but overcame their evils by his faith in God and the Holy Scripture. Over a period of years, he copied the Scripture out in longhand, and did a lot of fasting, praying, and preaching in his quest for deliverance.

In his heartfelt writings, L. A. Riley describes how he has been helped up from the depths of despair by his faith and prayers, and states his conviction that therein lies the answer to the ills and the problems of the world.

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  In His Book False Doctrines Of The Modern Laodicean Churches

Book explores Lawrence Riley's theological insight into doctrines that he believes are the False Doctrines of the modern Laodicean Churches.  Read chapters about "The Once Saved Always Saved Lie", "The rapture Lie", and more. 

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Abortion Is Murder Tracts


Tract: "Abortion Is Murder":

Excerpt From "Abortion Is Murder"
No one is innocent that works in an abortion clinic. Everyone that enters its doors to have a live baby killed is a murderer. Even rape victims have no right to kill an innocent baby. John the Baptist leaped in his motherís womb for joy. Luke 1:41,44. Anybody that works in an abortion clinic has to be void of understanding, or, backslidden from Cod with a seared conscience, and have been turned over to a reprobate mind. I Tim. 4:2, Rom. 1:28,11 Tim. 3:8, Titus 1:16. If you really believe in abortion, YOU should have been aborted

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Tracts & Books...

"The Virtuous Woman"
"The Church Will Go Through The Tribulation"
"Prophets, Prophets, and More Prophets"
"Hell is Hot  Eternity Is Long... The Reality of Hell"
"It Really Happened"
"False Doctrines of The Modern Laodicean Churches"


"False Doctrines of The Modern Laodicean Churches" 
"Spiritual War Behind Prison Bars"

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