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Book:  Spiritual War Behind Prison Bars


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In His Book
Spiritual War Behind Prison Bars:

What the Battle of Life Is Really All About, L. A. Riley presents a powerful account of his personal and spiritual growth that allowed him to overcome his personal problems and survive, despite a hard life that included many years of imprisonment.

He constantly felt Satanís presence, and that of numerous tormenting demons, but overcame their evils by his faith in God and the Holy Scripture. Over a period of years, he copied the Scripture out in longhand, and did a lot of fasting, praying, and preaching in his quest for deliverance.

In his heartfelt writings, L. A. Riley describes how he has been helped up from the depths of despair by his faith and prayers, and states his conviction that therein lies the answer to the ills and the problems of the world.

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