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Book:  False Doctrines Of The Laodicean Churches 


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Legal Kidnapping

You know that legal abortion is legal murder. Now it is legal kidnapping by the Communist trained DHR. It is legal for these antichrist to kidnap other People’s children for most any reason. If you spank your child According to God’s word, if the school teacher finds lice in your child’s Hair, or if the DHR finds roaches in your home, dirty clothes on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, or if you have unauthorized dope in your system (pee Test), and for any number of reasons they holler “Child Abuse” so loud you can hear them for blocks away, Hebrews 10:30 and 2-Corin. 10:4.

Several years ago in a dream of the night I saw that the Communist were Training Hard Faced DHR antichrist women to bust up homes in America, especially Christian families. These People have made an agreement with hell, but their agreement with hell has been disannulled. Vengeance belongs to God, He will repay. They have been turned over to a reprobate mind. Their Conscience is seared. They do not know good from evil. Right from wrong, light form darkness, sweet form bitter. Their heads are screwed on backwards and their hearts upside down. They are no good salt to be trampled under foot. ISA 28:18

They are twice plucked up, wandering stars, made to de destroyed. They are Reprobate silver, and many of them may have crossed Gods line of no return. These Communist trained DHR even kidnap our old babies from mothers arm if they find dope in the mothers pee test. Our children do not belong to the antichrist kingdom. They belong to the mothers that bore them, even if the mother has a drop or two of dope in her pee. Cigarette smokers are just as bad. And if you do not discipline your children they take you to court. Like pharaoh, make brick without straw. They pluck the fatherless from the breast. Job 24:9

Now what I would like to know is just when did these DHR gastopos come on the scene telling people how to live. If they could have seen now we lived years ago, would have hollered child abuse so loud you could have heard them all the way to Washington D.C. Now days you almost have to set a pillar in your lap to hold your child or you will be accused of touching your child inappropriately. These same weird DHR people have been known to take little children off into a side room and program their minds against their parents, and it take months or even years of DNA tests to correct the situation and get their child back.

Even those who run orphan homes have been falsely accused years after the children are grown, and on and on these DHR people go. These seem to be no end to the low they will stoop to expose innocent people to the public. Yes, I know some people mistreat their children, who justify the law in intervene. 

If you leave your child unattended in your car to get a coke, BEWARE, there is a snitch on every corner. When you come back your child is gone, kidnapped by the DNR. One sheriff bragged that he took eight babies form one mother as they were born. Such a man that would do such a thing has to be an animal form the pit. A school principal snitched on my grand daughter. Taking other peoples children is men stealing. 1 Tim 1:10

If then can not persuade a young unmarried mother to abort her unborn child they will find a way to take it. They are trained to do so. They and the health department come to the residents of the poor and they say, “We heard this and that about you concerning your standard of living or concerning your children. They are liars. They made up all those lies before they left their offices. Or/and they have snitches living in every community. 

They say they are only doing their job when they spy on the dwelling of the poor. Hitler’s hitch men were only doing their job when they rounded up the Jews to be killed. They tear the heart out of young mothers when they loose their young children, especially when their child is only an hour old. 

I heard it on the radio. Someone must go to court for striking their child. What do they mean by striking? Slapping? Spanking? Those DHR folks know how to use deceptive terminology to deceive the public and make it look bad on the parent’s dong what God say to do, barrel staves and switches, “Training children in the fear of the Lord”. Read these scriptures. Prov. 22:6, 29:15, 23:13 and 14, 22:15. 


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